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Food Allergens

We specialise in creating free from foods.


The only problem is there’s so much to choose from! Come and try our raw, gluten free dairy free refined sugar free cheesecakes or our melt in the mouth gluten free brownies. 


Our no-sugar spiced apple cake is the best one we’ve tried yet and the gluten and dairy free flapjacks are the tastiest in town! 


With 20 years of experience of cooking for food allergies or intolerances, we love adapting recipes to suit people’s needs and finding something new and creative to serve. A full allergen chart covering our main menu is available on request.


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Free From

20 years ago there was only a sprinkling of Free From foods available in supermarkets.  The bread was unappealingly tough and hard with a strange taste that had to be masked with marmite, nut butter or a dollop of jam depending on your preference! The cakes were overly sweet and highly processed (and I still find this is to be case at times). The variety of Free From foods have come a long way since then and the law has changed radically on how we need to label the food we sell so that we are more informed as consumers as to what we are eating.  Great news for those who have allergies and... 

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