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3 Years On...

Three Years on…

Looking back from when Café Nouveau first opened 3 years ago, there’s much to appreciate.

There has been the steep learning curve, the long working day, the week and month! But when you love what you do, none of this becomes the focus. That’s what I have learnt the most, love what you do and do what you love and the work you put in will be worth it. Mostly it has been enjoyable, lots of fun and laughter along the way, a few tears at times but miniscule in comparison to the enjoyment there is to be had in running a café.

I read an article recently in the Sunday Times. It was titled ‘If you’re looking for trouble, start your own business.’ I was intrigued to read on, being that it was exactly what I had ventured into. I was pleasantly surprised that very few of the dramas that were listed had happened (so far) - no floods, fires, industrial accidents, cyber security breaches, employee fraud. Yet there are many other challenges, not quite as drastic, but nevertheless set to try us.. unexpected staff sickness on your busiest days, powercuts at lunchtime, oven breaks in the middle of a catering event, but in all these cases it’s how we deal with them that makes the difference. That inner strength and ability to roll your sleeves up and respond to the difficulties that lies ahead of you. There is no-where else to turn to except your own resilience and resourcefulness. Apart from these times, there is plenty of fun and satisfaction in being your own boss and all the effort is reaped many times over.

Commitment and the ability to lead by example has perhaps been the most valued attributes in this journey and the ability to never give up when the chips are down (pun intended!).

So far it has been three years of growth and expansion which has enabled us to invest in a new and bigger kitchen to cater for our growing business. So here’s to the next three years and what they may bring. We look forward to sharing them with you.

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