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In Search Of The Best Coffee

Serving great tasting coffee is really important to us and so I went along to Dusty Ape in Hilperton, near Bath, to meet the owners Phil and Sarah to find out more about their amazing hand roasted coffee beans…

I discovered that all of their beans are very carefully roasted to order, on site, in small batches and monitored constantly throughout the process to produce the finest tasting beans possible. Back in the café, the grinding and extraction process is down to the finest detail to produce the best tasting coffee possible.

The coffee we are currently serving in the café is Dusty Ape’s very popular Molten Toffee blend; a full bodied 100% Arabica coffee, which works perfectly with milk, or in espresso and leaves you with a taste of sweet chocolate caramel lava. We also have many requests for a decaffeinated coffee, so we use their swiss water decaff – a top quality decaff from Colombia with plenty of flavor and none of the chemical residues typically associated with solvent based decaffeination techniques.

Phil and Sarah’s passion for delivering top quality coffee matches our own passion for quality food and service.

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